Sunday, October 25, 2015

Holy Hell!! WTF happened....

Oh ...
As previously mentioned I was looking for work, found a job, still struggled with finances.. which always sends me into a tailspin emotionally.  Finally started dating someone, that went to heck in a hand basket really quick.  Disappointment, but what can you do for someone who takes no interest in actually helping themselves.  Let myself get caught up in the moment, and dropped off the face of the earth, yet again.  I truly hate being a flake.   Yet, I still try not to beat myself up over it because, what good does that do any one??

I have so many ideas of things to do and write about, yet I let insecurities and laziness get the best of me.  But one thing I did realize is that I truly need to take my Vitamin D3 if I am going to function more than just go to work and come home and be a couch potato.  Weird sounding I know, but it is true.  I remember going to my doctor for a check up when I turned forty and part of it was to check my vitamin D levels.. they were at 17, this being the middle of Spring.  When you should be out getting some sun at least some form of sunlight.. nope, not me, I was a graveyard working couch potato.  My doc said he had never seen levels so low, especially at that time of year.  So I am now trying to take a supplement everyday, and boy howdy, do I notice the difference when I so not take them.  I am working new hours at a new job. I enjoy it and by joining the NaNoWriMo Challenge, I am hoping to create a daily habit.  One I hope will bleed over into other subjects/areas of my life.

I will be using the start of the characters that I created that year and a half ago, and developing them and also sharing here as much as I can.  (I just realized I had better check the fine print on that aspect) but anyway, I'm still here, and hope I can get my schnaa together enough to do something without fear, with an open heart, and with persistence over anything that I may perceive as a hinderence!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Rock N Roll Queen.....

Aahhh, how fitting I am a week late for this post, but made the release for this song ... and of course it is from Joe Elliott of Def Leppard and The Quire Boys.  Paying a bit of homage to one of the musicians/bands that inspired them as kids growing up... "Mott the Hoople, and various side projects of Mott, Ian Hunter, and British Lions" (Link to article)   Much like I would love to do to show my appreciation of what Def Leppard has done for me over the past 30+ years.

Def Leppard has been in my life since about the sixth or seventh grade. They have been my passion ever since.  The melodies, harmonies, rhythm, and lyrics take me to someplace I can get lost in and find my passions again.  I think it is the echoing background vocals and harmonies that play against the lead vocals that really does it for me. You see I used to sing in choir back in the day, and vocalists are my downfall.. hehe   (Although I usually end up with a drummer... what's up with that??) 

I even have their Def Leppard logo tattooed on my left upper arm... yes, that dedicated!  And I will be seeing them when they are with KISS this Summer!! But there are other bands I truly love as well, way too many to name, but I will tell you a few for right now because they are on the top of my brain at the moment.

Next is KiLLeR DWaRfS, one of the good things about my daughter's dad was his taste in music. (I honestly think I stayed with him as long as I did b/c of that... but that's another story!)  He introduced me to so many bands that most people had not heard of yet, Killer Dwarfs was among them.  They are without a doubt, one of the most lyrically inspiring bands out there.  And yes, I know there are more bands out there as well, but these guys for some reason have a special spot in my heart, and brain because I can get Keep That Spirit Alive, Stand Tall, We Stand Alone, and/or Dirty Weapons to name a few, stuck in my head all day long... and in such a great way!  It puts a kick in my step and a smile on my face.  And then there is the new one from last Summer, Start@One album that I need to pick up.  I've heard it on Spotify and love it.

I was a little freaked out when I heard that they were in a five car accident after leaving the Rocklahoma Festival just the other day.  Russ Dwarf (vocalist) was injured with non life threatening injuries, and has been released and they are all back home in Canada now.

So on to another band, and vocalist that I love, Kevin Martin and Candlebox.  There is an overall sound that I get lost in with this band.  Like other bands, I get transported, I get lost in the sound.  Music is my meditation, it is my mind altering experience, where I can go to release all the good and all of the bad.  I have other genres that I listen to as well, and different styles of rock I enjoy as well.  I will cover all as this series progresses.  But music is the one true thing that I can say "I belong" too, it has never let me down, it has never argued with me about their opinion, and has always fed my passion.  I don't follow sports or other media celebrities, and music is my drug of choice.  Back in the HS days all I wanted was a soda and my music.  It is becoming full circle now, because that is where I seem to be as well.  (Rarely drink or have cigs anymore.. we are talking months inbetween!)

Well as I seem to be almost rambling now... either that or I am getting to caught up in my music (KiLLeR DWaRfS of Spotify)  I hope you enjoy the links, and the journey as I go floating through all of the tunes that bring passion to me!  White Light and Blessings!  <3

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chris Page of Cups is posted!

So much for taking a power nap at night.. I shoulda known better!  But I think I will do some inside Spring cleaning today since as I am writing this my sunny day turned to a downpour... so no weed-eating my jungle in the backyard today!

And also as I write this I notice there is a schedule button on the right side of my screen... I think I will check that out do posts are posted on time!  Yes, welcome to my world!  ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Charmed, I'm sure....

But this is a tricky subject for me believe it or not... Why? you may ask, well pull up a toad stool and sit for a spell, and I will explain to ya!  (I hope you like puns :D) 

I totally believe in magick, from the simplest energy release to imaginary world of books, TV, and the big screen.  I believe in the fact there is dark and gray magick, and personalities. For without the dark, how can you see the light? I've mentioned before that I am the farthest from a traditionalist as you can get.  I look at things more of a word of mouth type of relationship with learning and experiencing... picture going back to when humans were evolving and sharing information of plants, healing, and hunting techniques.  I learned from Scott Cunningham that you could make a simple ritual from a few blades of grass and a paper cup with some water.  So I have never gone to the extreme of rituals, or dress, or anything formalized.

So, I am still one of those that doesn't seem to do much of the physical practicing of witchcraft.. it is more done in my head.  I think some is due to time issues, some is due to how I relate to being a witch, and some has to due with being a bit on the lazy side.  I admit it, I am a very laid back person and sometimes that gets the best of me.  I am one who likes to "feed off" of energy of another person for some of my motivation.  And that just sounds awful, but think of it as a more of energy that is shared between friends and inspires you.. does that make more sense??  But have to admit most of my friends have moved away, and I live five hours away from my hometown.. so hanging out physically with people isn't really much of an option.  But I have some awesome online folks who inspire me, but I am one of those who falls into the trap of staying online for too long, and end up FUBARing my entire day.. Ugh!!

So my idea with these blogs is that I can use them as a source of information and inspiration to keep myself "moving" and not being so laid back.  I mean really... I plan and plan, decide what I am going to do and get half way done and don't finish.. WTF???  I have a good energy burst, and fizzle out before I get to do the completion.  I have many seeds to grow herbs... note the word 'seeds'... not that I have plants to harvest, herbs to dry, and magickal formulas to create.  It's time to get out of my head, and do some creating!

Each time that Magick is the topic of this blog I will share some information and research, and a bit more about my own personal beliefs or "practices."  Thank you for being my energy source!

White Light and Blessings!  <3

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wyn - Knight of Wands

Yep, until yet another new schedule is set Saturdays may work out better for writing.  The latest scoop is that I had a warehouse job, set schedule and all that good stuff (still just a temp position) but boy howdy was it hard on this ole bod!  Loved the job though, and hope I didn't FUBAR any bridges because I had to leave on such short notice... but I ended up getting another full time seasonal job at one of the big chain DIY home improvement stores.  Just found out Thursday night that training starts on Monday morning!  And it may not be a big deal to anyone else, but I will save about $100 bucks a month in gas alone because it is a bit closer to home.... So here is to getting a foot in the door, and a decent schedule :D 

Anyway... back to the main point of this post... Wyn has been created and released, Enjoy!

Friday, April 25, 2014

For Unlawful Carnial Knowledge...

So... this is the start of a regular bi-weekly column that I will write about one of three different topics that are in pursuit of one of the topics in the title of this blog.  On alternating weeks I will continue to build upon my StoryBook.

This initial blog is going to be just a quick summary of general topics I will be diving into to kind of give you a heads up of what is going on in my brain!... Yeah, if left unfiltered that could be a scary place to be.. haha   Also, another heads up that this may sometimes get published on Saturdays because I just started a job that is very physically demanding... and not that it is hard work per se... it is just hard because it is walking, repeatedly and quickly, in a warehouse with cement floors pulling book orders.  Love the job, pay could be a little better, but the schedule is nice and the people seem to be as well.  But man, oh man, do my poor footies hurt at the end of the day... and yes, getting some arch supports for my new shoes are in order!  And sometimes a nap is just in order for the day... which leads to just going to bed obscenely early.  I'm a night owl BTW, and this is a first for me to be able to function during "daylight/morning" hours.. hahaha     But I digress..  Back to the topic at hand!

Sex.. I like sex.. who doesn't like sex?  Is there a reason why you wouldn't like sex?  Is it a past or present issue?  Or are you one of the many people who let their Freak Flag Fly whenever possible?  Do you worry about the sex industry, sex/human trafficking, and the many STDs that you could contract from having an affair, or unprotected sex?  What about the porn industry.. is that something you have a strong opinion of, whether it is for against the 'movies'?  Are women being demeaned and cheapened, or is it empowering?  Do you have open conversations with your children about sex and their bodies, and do you expect abstinence from them, or realize the truth of the matter and try to just educate them?

These are just some of the topics I am going to be talking about under this umbrella term of SEX.  I look forward to having an open, honest, adult... as in mature here folks, conversation about this topic.  It isn't a battle of who is right and who is wrong, but ideas to either get you thinking or having a conversation with your lover, friends, or even me, about a basic natural biological function that we as humans have a choice it physically doing...  So are you ready??  I am.... Let's go!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Queen Savannah

Well I almost forgot... I started a new job this past week, and boy have I been tired.  Not that the job is hard per se.. it is just walking around and around in a warehouse picking book orders... I just haven't had to do that for couple of decades, and cement hasn't gotten any softer!  haha

But just a quick word to let you know a new character has been added.  Savannah, Queen of Swords.  So please check out my StoryBook Page.

Also, I am going to be introducing a bi-weekly post on one of three topics that are in the title of this happy lil blog... sex, magick, or rock n roll...  So to start things out with a bang, next week shall be about sex.. oh shucks, golly gee, and gee-whiz, I am so glad we are all adults here and can handle these conversations, from the silly to the more serious.  I figure knowledge is power, and what is more powerful than knowing about your own bodies, or how you can be a positive role model for others.  So please stay tuned for this topic and more!

Thank you, White Light and Blessings! <3